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Dosjotas | Interventions

Posted on 25th juli 2012 in Blog

Vriend van de show Dosjotas heeft een aantal interventions losgelaten op de straten van Amsterdam. De eerste is getiteld: “Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental”

In zijn laatste intervention, genaamd “Public toilets”, geeft hij blijk van zijn verbazing als Spanjaard over ons plasgebruiken / voorzieningen:

“In the city of Amsterdam, pubs charge for using the toilet, about 50 cents. Because of this, there are a lot of free public toilets in the street, curiously, the vast majority do not indicate whether they are for men only, women or mixed but due to its structure, this indicates it’s exclusively for men; is This it due to the ease anatomical man urinating in the street and prevent rust in canals and street corners? Or is a simple discrimination against women who are forced to pay in a bar or hiding in between two cars?”

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